Design Making

Design thinking should go along with design making. I believe craftmanship is one of the key quality that a great designer should have. Here are some samples of my design making.

Task Management System

A task management system to help working professionals balance work and life.

Made by HTML5/CSS3/jQuery
Process book available upon request.

Tian Xia 3

Tianxia 3 is online RPG game in China developed and published by one of China's online gaming powerhouses, Netease. I worked closely with graphic designer in Netease as a front-end programmer. This is one sample I have done individually within one day to build the interactive webpage illustrating the gameplay based on high-fidelity mock-up.

Made by HTML/CSS
DEMO Available

Gallery Follow-up

A new follow-up solution that is able to re-engage the customers with the excellent experience of viewing artworks of their interest.

Made by FramerJS

Yangfan Website

Yang Fan Academy Inc, an education company based in San Francisco, which offers daily Chinese or Spanish learning to school-aged children from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade, approached us because their old websites are outdated in look, disorganized in information architecture. We're asked to design their new websites with compelling visual communications that improve overall user experience, brand identify, information architecture.