Raise the Bar

This is a individual design challenge I finished within ten working hours.
I designed core features of a mobile app to deliver elegant bars exploring experience in metropolis

The Challenge

Attract the wine lovers to explore new bars

Drinking wine is a very usual way for people to relax their life. There are already enough apps designed to connect users and local business, but little designed for wine lovers. I'm tasked to design the main screen of an iPhone app that leads the user to new bars they might not have known about and deliver a classy, clear, metropolitan experience.

Total Time: 9.5 hours

1.0 hr - Key Informant Interview
0.5 hr - Sketch
1.0 hr - Wireframe and Get Feedbacks
1.0 hr - Iteration
4.5 hr - High Fidelity Mock-up
1.5 hr - Documentation
User Research

Key Insights

I did competitor analysis with 10 apps to get familiar with this space. Then, in order to quickly develop empathy with wine lovers in metropolis, I conducted an interview with a wine lover who travels to different metropolis and visits upscale bars once or twice a month. These are the key insights that defined the final design of the product:


Impressive Features Worth Exploring

Wine lovers will be attracted by impressive features of unknown bars. Either wine with a long history, a special wine making process, a famous bartender, or elegant environment will make sense.


Visual Impact is critical

Wine lover empathesize experience a lot. Catchy high-resolution image will evoke users' curiosity for knowing more about an unknown bar.


Wine as a medium

Drinking wine is a very important medium for building connection between people. Wine lovers care about who they drink with, where their friend drink and want to share what they drink with their friends.


Final Design

Feature-first Recommendation

I represent the attractive features of the bars by showcasing high-quality images which is the best illustrations of the features and titling them by vivid descriptive words.

Annotated Mockup 1

Double tabs to select bars

Location tab and the category tab will function together to help users select the ideal bars for them.

Annotated Mockup 2

Sharing wines with your friends

You can share where you drink, what you have drunk, what you have seen in the bars with other wine lovers. You will encourage each other to explore more bars.

Annotated Mockup 3

Project Detail

Individual Project

Date: 10 hour on May 2015

Link: Final Document

I was really impressed by your enthusiasm, particularly your personal 10-hr UXD challenge featured on your portfolio.

-Michelle Sung UX/UI Design Lead at Pinch, inc

My Reflection

The first thing I learned from this project is how to deal with extreme time constraints. There are a lot of ways to conduct research within little time. What I did in this project is that I found a key informant. Key informant interviews are qualitative in-depth interviews with people who know what is going on in the community. This is a very efficient approach to quickly get first-hand knowledge about the behavioral patterns of target users and domain knowledge. Other thing I could try the next time is to look for existing research about wine-lovers.

Also, I explored way to define visual language of UI design. When I made wireframe, I also tried different combination of color schemas and typography in a rough mock-up. I presented the mock-up to people and asked them which one will evoke them of the three key words: elegant, metropolis, and clear. If I had more time, I would let them write down the key words they will use to describe the visual language. I believe more exploration will lead to a better solution.