In March 2014, I joined eBaoTech as a UX Design Intern for three months. eBaoTech is a global leader in core insurance software. During my Internship, I worked closely with chief UX designer on interaction design and visual design for SalesPlatform(SP) 2.0 which enables insurers configure insurance products and manage multiple distribution channels. 



The main project I worked on is to redesign SP. I mainly took responsibility of note taking for the end user testings, and write reports to summarize UX issues and action required.




Based on evaluation and requirement from PM, I brainstormed with the chief UX designer and make low-fidelity wireframe. Here is one example of concept I generated, and make low-fi mock-up by Balsamiq.




I also contributed to developing concepts of chief UX designer by making multiple version of high-fidelity mock-up. Here are samples of how I tried different ways to convey the idea for B2C Homepage.





As for enterprise product, consistence and rigorousness  is critical. I focused on communicating idea precisely and clearly, and avoid evoke negative emotions brought by "accident", "disaster", and so forth. 


In order to further define the norms of user interface of SP and main its consistency, our team decide to write a design guideline for SP for developer and new coming designers. I worked on the draft version of the design guideline by summarizing layouts, navigation, modals, interaction, typography and wording issues.